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Hello. We are the Hekimyan family. Welcome to Glendale Market Web site. We created this special place on the Web to share our food with you. Feel free to use our contact page to contact us.

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Our Story

Armenian food reflects Mediterranean, Eastern European And Middle Eastern influence. Eggplant, onion and Garlic are central summer Armenia diet. Dried fruits, nuts, rice and dry preserved olives are used in the winter months. Yogurt is a key ingredient in Armenian cooking and is used as a beverage and hot or cold soup. All this and a lot more you can find in Glendale Market  & Deli, 365 days a year.

Glendale Market & Deli opened in 1996 in Glendale. Avetik Hekimyan and his wife Maggy wanted a convenient Market and Deli from which they could serve her favorite family recipes to locals and beyond-who appreciated good food, good prices and warm service. Ave and his family only eat fresh, healthy food. They do not eat at fast food joints or the chains. They prefer local, chef owned businesses. There is something to be said for the fact that the owner is picking out the produce and shopping for the best in olive oil, chicken and imported tahini to offer his customers, versus the chains that are serving you mass produced goods, shipped in from the parent company. Who knows who is making your food at those big chain places, but everyday, Maggy is in the kitchen in Glendale Market & Deli making sure the hummus is just right!